The travelling Art Exhibition

The travelling exhibition plays an important role in achieving inclusion of all people. The artworks that we receive as part of the art contest, later travel around Slovenia and also abroad with the aim to share the message of inclusion.

The artworks visit different schools, kindergartens, libraries and other institutions.

Besides the exhibition, the event can also include workshops and a play, which are held by our Association of Inclusive Culture.

Why are our exhibitions so special?

  • They are conceptualised in a way that the children put them up themselves;
  • We strongly support the local organisers to invite different organisations from their local environment;
  • The event can also include workshops and a play;
  • The exhibitions encourage cooperation and interaction of children with special needs and those without. They join people of different ages, nationalities, etc.

Where will the exhibition be presented in 2020/21?

START: KGLU Slovenj Gradec 

1st stop: Hospital school Slovenj Gradec

2nd stop: Primary school Srečko Kosovel Sežana

3rd stop: Virtual exhibition

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